What if you could Find recruiting fees that you have already made without Missing out on thousands of dollars of missed fees or back door hires?

Well now you can!

Introducing Back Door Hire Solutions !

The revolutionary new software platform that finds missed recruiting fees that makes it easy and fast to keep track of all of your pass candidates!

Faster + Easier: So much faster and easier than having to Manually tracking all of your candidates from past searches.

Let me show you how it works.

DEMO The Product / Service:

Let me show you why Back Door Hire Solutions is so amazing:

 Why LinkedIn is not very effective on tracking back door hires when the intention was to bypass your fee

 How our system touches on 185 data points out on the web every week for each of your candidates

 How our system run 72 variations of what someone's email address would be

 How our system notifies you once there's a possible back door hire located

Eliminate The Alternatives:

Eliminate The Alternatives:

(Make sure to eliminate the alternatives to using your product or service as you demonstrate, explain, or show it to them.)

With Back Door Hire Solutions you don't need to:

 Manually search LinkedIn 20 hours a month

 Missing fees because the candidate was only at the company for a few months

 Hoping your split partners track and contain the candidates as well as you do

 Tracking candidates that circle back to other divisions of the company that you presented them to in your last search

Now the great news is Back Door Hire Solutions is just as low as $67 per month and a 15% Finders fees (only if you get paid) .

That's less than about .50 cents per candidate and you'll see results in less than 45 minutes!
Grab this now because If your candidate leaves their position you may have missed that for you forever..

For more than 20 years Adams, Evens, & Ross - NC, LLC has grown to become the nation's largest credit and collection firm that specifically collects for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. This Industry is our only source of revenue. I hope you can give us the opportunity to show you why over 3000 Staffing and Recruiting Firms, 5 Payroll Funding Companies and 14 State Associations trust the credit and collections results of our firm.