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Finally! Simple software that will allow us to help our average recruiting firm client find and/or collect $50,000 per year in lost placement fees.


We signed up for BDH and within a month identified a back door hire that resulted in our collection of a placement fee over $20k. It certainly provides peace of mind to have an automated solution searching for these situations on behalf of our organization.
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 A discount built into our collection fees if you do not get paid on a back door hire that we find. You'll want this because 50% of your clients will pay you once you bring to their attention that they have hired your client. The other 50% will not and you need help collecting the past due account. We give all BDH clients a 20% collection fee vs a 25% collection fee on any account they place with our firm to collect (regardless if it was a back door hire or not). ( A $2500 Value)
 Free business credit checks of your clients and prospects with the Pro or Enterprise Edition. This is good for you because we can help you reduce your back door hires by helping you screen your client BEFORE you work with them. Our data shows that a company with poor credit is 265% more likely to back door hire your candidate. ( A $2400 Value) 
 A systematic way of tracking and locating back door hires that has been created using tens of thousands of real-life scenarios. This is good because we know how thousands of debtors tried to hide back door hires and how thousands of clients located back door hires fees. If you are a single desk then your cost would be $67 per month for our BDH Basic Edition (plus a 15% finder’s fee if you get paid). Otherwise, you would spend about 20 hours a month, 240 hours per year tracking your candidates at an average of $20 per hour and studies show that you would only find about 61% of your back door hires. 
 It’s  scalable. The cost of tracking candidates for 10 recruiters is only $199.00 per month. That is less than buying lunch (plus a 10% finder’s fee if you get paid) with our BDH Pro Edition. Otherwise, you would spend about $4,500 per recruiter. Assuming 10 recruiters you would spend $45,000 per year to find only 61% of your back door hires. We can find 93% of your back door hires at a fraction of the cost. This is powerful because you can focus on your core business and lets us track the past candidates that did not get placed.
 Bring value to your split partners by helping your split partners contain their clients and help them prevent back door hires. This is a must have because your split partners are honest (that is what I love about the recruiting industry, it is a hand shake industry), but some recruiters that you partner with do not have the same skill that you may have when it comes to tracking their past candidates.
 Our Staff Attorney Resource and Best Practices Vault - Why do you care? Well, our staff Attorney Samantha Cole (our attorney and my daughter) created Best Practices Fee Agreements, Demand Letters, Promissory notes as well as other common recruiting forms. They are sure to help you.( A $2900 Value) 
 Free Unlimited Search Upgrade from The BDH Pro to The BDH Enterprise Edition - If you buy the BDH Pro Edition we will give you Unlimited Candidates Searches and Unlimited Recruiters Seats. ( A $3000 Value) 
 2 Years of Past Candidates Tracking At No Additional Out of Pocket Cost (you would pay only the 10% finder’s fee if you get paid) - This one is fantastic because finding a large pile of missed fees could give you an immediate return on your investment. ( A $5000 Value) 

Scott Chadbourn, President of Management Recruiters

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No questions asked 90-day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee.


No questions asked 90-day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...
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Bob Magnan, Electrical Executive Recruiter | Electrical Construction Management Jobs | CEO/President, Delta Construction Partners, Inc.

Thank you BDH for finding several back door hires that our other former vendor (Hirabl) could not find.
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